Last Messages of Our Lady

The Message from Our Lady, “Pilgrims’ Mother”, donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, at Passatempo (An) on Saturday,3rd November 2018

"My dear children, also today I wish to invite you to live more for “the Heaven things", because many of you live in sadness and anguish and don't feel loved and I come and bring My maternal love. My children, when you're sad I too suffer with you because you don't succeed yet to immerse yourselves in an abandonment to My Son Jesus and you're bewildered, losing the path, but when you rejoice, I too rejoice with you! If you pray, My children, and you're constant in prayer, you'll be able to find Peace, through the action of the Holy Spirit.My children, I want to help you find again that love which you don't succeed to feel any more; it's necessary to take a holiness path, leaving away everything that doesn't allow you to see and to feel His love.My children, if you decide to go along a life of humility, of love of one’s neighbour and live in truth, you'll be able to call yourselves "the children of Light".My children, I wish that each one of you to become My Apostle, so that I may act in you to show you that path which you don't succeed to walk down.Yes, I wish you to become My Apostles, those who decide to testify and to be the witnesses of My Son's love.Don't be afraid to testify, because I'll be with you! My Son Jesus gives you the grace of letting Me come among you not to obtain happiness on this earth, but He wants to give you eternal happiness because happiness isn't of this earth.Pray, pray, pray, so that you may receive the Peace gift and I come and give you the Peace that every day My Son Jesus gives to humanity.Pray for My Pastor sons, for the consecrated ones, so that they be always supported by your prayers.Many are My consecrated sons who suffer and who need help. I’m inviting you to pray on them, without judging, so that they always remain faithful to God’s call.Pray, pray, pray for the projects that God has for each one of you. Thank you for responding to My call. I'm blessing you all! "

The Message from Our Lady, Pilgrims’ Mother, donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 6th October 2018

Dear My little children, I'm here among you, so that you learn to know more about the Peace King. My children, I'm inviting you to raise your eyes to Heaven, because the help will come from There and I come onto earth in order to show you the way to Heaven. How many of you wish to meet the Peace King? This is the moment, My children, to decide to follow the ways that God traced out for each of you, so that you can invest for eternity. How many of you ask for prayers and graces, but I'm exhorting you to learn to praise God, so that you learn to recognize His footsteps and, only in this way, you'll recognize the plans He has for each of you, through the Messages that are given to you. If you don't live My Messages, you can't understand these times of mercy and grace, for this reason I'm asking you to help Me. For some time now I'm been asking you to offer Me your hearts in reparation for sins, offenses and outrages that are made. Pray, My children, so that you may learn to love those who around you, without judging. I'm saying to you, My children, be world light always to be merciful through the grace that's donated to you in the Sacraments! Only in this way, you can fight the evil that attacks you with its seductions every day . And you, who say you love Me, I'm exhorting you to ask for the grace of staying to fix the Cross, so that the Cross may be your salvation for you. From there, My Son gave Me the grace of being your Mother and I, who was in the crowd, I didn't understand all of this. I heard My Son address the Father shouting "It's all accomplished!". My children, I too lived the scene of death and, from there, I realized that death doesn't exist, but that My Son had fallen asleep and I'm saying to you, My children, not to cry your loved ones, because they've fallen asleep and they aren’t dead. For this reason, My children, ask for the grace of abandonment to understand God's plans. I’m next to you and close to you. Pray, pray, pray, so that I may stay with you long to reveal you the Heaven things, because you aren't of this world, but you've been created for eternity. I'm blessing you all!

The Message from Our Lady donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 1st September 2018

1 My dear children, also today I'm coming to donate you the Counselor of Peace with maternal love, so that you may welcome Him into your life in order to be, you too, a peace gift. My children, to obtain peace it's necessary to purify themselves and, to be free creatures, it isn't only necessary to speak of the Word, but to live It, to effect It and, only in this way, you'll be able to be true bearers of peace. Oh, My children, you who have been touched by grace, I'm exhorting you to be true witnesses of a living faith. Many don't put into practice God's Word yet, that 's proclaimed every day. My children, My Heart's sad because of so many children behaving as if they'd never known His forgiveness, making a path without an aim. My children, I'm saying to you, who have long lived My coming, you can't serve two masters - evil and good - justifying that God understands everything. My children, sin is called by name and those, who live a disordered life, stifling the conscience that rebels, have a heart full of tribulation. Where sin abounds, God can't live! I'm speaking to you, who live this sadness in your hearts, I'm exhorting you to hate evil. You who seek the good, don't let to be seduced by this world full of pitfalls. Satan's lurking to fascinate you by a love that isn't true. My children, I'm near and close to you in this time of suffering and even if you've to go through it, it isn't comparable to eternity. Pray, My children, pray, so that hope may light up in you. Don't be afraid to let yourselves be helped by My Son, who shows you the path to ride, through My Pastor Sons every day. Pray, pray, pray, so that each of you can discover the history that God wants to do. I'm blessing you all and do live all the Messages that are given to you from Heaven, which isn't a new Word, but a Word already written in the Gospels.

The Message from Our Lady given to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara on Saturday, 4th August 2018

"Dear My little children, even today I'm among you, so that you learn to listen to My Son's voice with the silence, who desires to speak to you every day. My children, when I announce to you that they're "grace times", you don't understand what all this means and every day I come so that you can understand My coming, only so you can be My Apostles.My little children, thank you that, even today, you've chosen for God. My children, don't make yourselves hope steal when you feel tired and weary: it's because he, the enemy, acts and this doesn't allow you to take a holiness path any more. Pray for those who are around you and who don't succeed in understanding this call. As a mother, I want to help you to be constant in prayer and in witness. Today, more than ever, the world needs peace and you, My children, who have met the Peace King, I'm exhorting you to continue this path that God's tracing.Many have been called. This evening, all gathered to Me, you're like the Angels and the prayers, which you've donated, I'll bring them to My Son Jesus, so that He, the Peace King, may welcome them. Pray, pray, pray! Pray for the Pastors and pray for My intentions. Thank you that you've answered My call.” (Our Lady blessed all those present and She prayed for all the sick)

The simple prayer of Mary's Pilgrims

O Lord Jesus,
we bless You and we thank You
for all the graces that You donate to us.

We thank You for the gift that You do to us
through the intercession of Your sweet Mother,
who, saying Her “Yes”, defeated Eve’s sin.

Yes, o Mother, we are Your children
and we want to be consecrated to You, we, the Pilgrim Children,
who want to walk along Your footsteps.

Every day, You gaze on each of us,
who often offend Your sweet Son.
We want to renew our “Yes” to You,
so that You may give a motherly gaze on those who invoke You.

It is true that we are sinners,
but we are Your children.
We, Your children, promise You to pray
for those who do not succeed in walking on a holiness path.

Take care that we may be Your support today and forever.


Our Father….Hail Mary….Glory Be to the Father…

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