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We were at my mother’s house. It was 2 p.m. and we were around the dining table ready for the blessing of the Easter food and Our Lady appeared to me. She was dressed all in white with a shining chalice filled with water in Her hands. She said to me:

“Dear children, today’s a day of grace where GOD is giving you a special blessing. ”

She said to me: “Put your hand in the chalice.”

and I put it in, but my hand did not get wet; then I asked Her: ” “Why does my hand not get wet?”

and She said to me:”Don’ be fear, it’s water from Heaven. Do what I’m telling you. Pass this water on My children’s foreheads. Know that this is a special blessing.”

Poi la Madonna ha passato lei l’acqua sulla mia fronte ed è andata via dicendo: “Sia lodato Gesù Cristo”.Then Our Lady passed the water on my forehead and went away, saying to me:” “Praised be Jesus Christ!” At this point, a very beautiful event occurred: we all had wet foreheads

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