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“My dear little children, also today I’m coming among you to guide you towards My Son Jesus. My little children, pray, pray, pray! … only so, you’ll be able to fall in love with truth more and more. Many are those who have the desire to do a holiness path; don’t be afraid, My little children, to bear witness to the truth! Offer yourselves as repairers of those who offend God because of the sin that lives in them. I’m exhorting you, My dear children, to be Light in the world, to be Hope for those who are losing it and don’t believe in Peace any more. Dear children, My Apostles, you, who are the new generation, don’t let be discouraged by those who leave the way that God’s traced for them. I wish families to be united in order that you may be the witnesses of a true faith and that the others, through you, can see the works which God does in you.. just so, you can recognize the works God does in your lives. And you, who say to love, but don’t live as light of the world, you can’t savour the true Peace. I’m exhorting you, little children, to give up everything that doesn’t come from God. Be an example to your children by behaving like true God’s children: you must live a life of humility! My dear children, you can’t be My Apostles if you don’t live the Commandments that have been given to you, living your “Yes” every day. That you know, My little children, that you aren’t alone, I’ll guide you to find the Peace that the world doesn’t give you. My Son Jesus has given you the Consoler Spirit, invoke It, with the help of My Pastors. Thank you for having responded to My call. I’m blessing you all. “

General observations

  • This message is of type purely “exhortative”. “He who prophesies speaks to men for edification, and encouragement, and consolation “(1 Corinthians 14,3). In this Message we do not find any prophecy of the future, any revelation of type doctrinal.
  • Occasionally the text passes quickly, without logical transition, of one idea to the other
  • This maternal lesson focuses on the importance of evangelization between witnessing and coherence of life. It is a simple invitation to come back to the essential of the Gospel: «You are the salt of the earth … you are the light of the world “(Mt 5, 13 and 14). The word truth returns twice; first of all, it concerns the “practical” truth, that one of the obedience to the commandments, that one of the integrity of a totally evangelical life. The text is quite clear and does not need a comment. So, it is necessary to read it carefully again.

By Father M.F.

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