The Message from Our Lady donated to all humanity through Raffaele Ferrara 7th March 2020

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My dear children, also today I’m coming among you to help you in order to understand the wonders that Heaven wants to donate to each one of you.

My Son donates you the grace that, through Me, you can listen to His Word, which is your nourishment every day.

My Children, it needs to pray in order to let the Light of His Love shine in you. Oh!! My dear children, if only you could understand how much He loves you, you’d never stop praying.

Oh, My children, many of you don’t have a daily prayer and don’t manage to hear His voice. Through prayer, you’ll learn to forgive – what you’ re unable to do today – and that evil, which doesn’t allow you to be free, remains deposited in your hearts.

Lui vi ha dato un comandamento “Amatevi gli uni, gli altri” perché nell’amore voi osserverete i suoi comandamenti.

Through My coming among you, I together with you, there will be an Oasis of Peace in this place and to you, My Children, who have been living this grace for a long time, I’m inviting you to live all the Messages that are given to you, because, through you, others can know My Love.

That is why I say that I need each one of you, because, through your “Yes”, you can realize the plans that God wants to reveal to you.

But I’m saying to each one of you: “Pray, pray!” so that you may fall in love with this Heaven Work. Each of you is called to live for Heaven. Taste and see how great is His Love!

I’m saying to you, who embarked on the holy journey path: “Be perseverant in prayer so that, through your Cenacles, you may console so many souls, who have a mislaid heart and who don’t know God’s Love”.

Know that each time you gather to praise and bless the Father, Heaven opens up to give many graces. Thank you, My Children, who are living for the Heaven things.

And to you, who are My Apostles, I transmit to you all the maternal love I have for each of you. Pray, pray, pray! Thank you who are answering My call.

I have recommended everyone


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 3rd August 2019

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The arrival of Mary after the holy rosary

Dear children! Also today I’m coming to bring you My Son Jesus’s Love, who offers Himself for you every day.

My dear children, if you knew all that Heaven’s preparing for you, you would no longer be afraid of life or death!

I’m saying to you, my children, who know the Word of the Holy Scriptures, I’m exhorting you to put them into practice, by living them. Only in this way, you’ll become the fruit of love, the fruit of grace, the fruit of joy.

My Children, pray, pray so that you may become some true Sentinels and Apostles of His Love. Where there’s love, there’ s charity and there, there’s the fruit of God’s Love and the Love that reigns in God.

To you, my dear children, I’m exhorting you to open your hearts to My Son Jesus, through a prayer face to face before the Eucharist, where He’ll let you discover the gifts that you don’t know.

That’s why I ask each of you to live His teachings every day, so that you may be ready to accept all that’s happening around you.

You know that My Son sends Me among you to guide you and that you, who seek His love, I’m inviting you to fast and pray, to feel loved and comforted. I’m with you and with you, who suffer.

Every day, with My maternal Love, I’m close to you to help you not to get lost on the path that He’s traced for you.

Pray, pray, pray, pray, because, only through prayer, you can overcome all the seductions of the evil one and his temptation.

Thank you, My Children, who give this time of grace to My Son Jesus, responding to His Love. My Heart’s full of joy, in seeing all of you who witness this “oasis of peace” through your love.

Thank you for your presence. I’m blessing you all and I’m exhorting you to always walk in the footsteps of My Son Jesus.

“Then Our Lady left me a secret Message that, for the moment, I can’t reveal”


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