I have reported all these experiences, be they joyful or painful because I want to shout to the whole world how great God’s Mercy has been with me. Although I am a sinner, He continues to work and use me for His plans And as Mother Theresa used to tell me: “When you find your branch, you’ll make your nest!”. Today I can confirm that I have found that branch. I thank God who gave me the discernment to understand what His will for me was and I understood that I must let Him act in my life and live one day at a time without expecting anything, trying to be the Messenger of His Word and a simple instrument in His hands. Yes, I am a Mary’s Pilgrim, and if I had to live my whole life over again, I would do everything just as it happened, because Her love for me is so great that She has granted me the joy of living here in Loreto (An), where I have the grace of visiting the Holy House every day, where the miracle par excellence took place: the Annunciation of Our Saviour’s birth! Every day, with humility, I go to this Holy Place to pray for myself and for all the people who entrust themselves to my prayers.
I would now like to relate the testimonies of some of my brothers in Christ, in order to give praise to the Lord and the wonders He continually works in our lives.

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