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“My dear little children, even today My Son Jesus is sending Me among you to console you. My children, as a mother consoles her children, even tonight I want to console each of you, so that you can fall in love with His Love more and more. I know, dear children, how difficult it’s for you to understand this embrace of His without seeing Him, but tonight I want to set My maternal gaze on each of you so that the graces, that you’re asking Me, may be met: some of you’re asking Me to become mothers, many are asking for graces for their children. In Heaven, today, there’s a feast for each heart that opens to grace. My children, thank you for your presence in this place. God wants to grant rivers of graces to each of you My little children, ask My Son the gift of faith without ever tiring you. Pray, pray, pray, My children, so that you may walk the path that God’s preparing for you.Don’t be fooled by the false promises the world offers you, but I’m inviting you to dress yourselves of new creatures again, so that the enemy can’t steal you hope. Pray without judging My Pastors and pray for those who have left the prayer. I’m with you every day. I’m blessing you all in My Son Jesus’s name. ”
(Our Lady blessed all objects.)

General remarks

This message was given on the supposed Our Lady’s birthday, according to the visionary. We find the same tradition at Medjugorje and in various modern places of grace. The conversion path of Raffaele, Enzo, Grazia, etc. is made in a simple, natural, familiar context. We note that the path of the core of “Mary’s Pilgrims” takes place in the peaceful integration of an ordinary Parish. Mary’s coming has been prepared seriously for a truly Catholic meeting, with prayer, Rosary, sharing, the Sacrament of Penance received by almost everyone. The three theological virtues are present in this message: Faith, Charity, Hope.

The comment on the text

The main theme of the Marian communication is the CONSOLATION. We are used to. At Oliveto Citra (Sa), in Osimo (An), Maria might be called: “Virgin of Consolation.” The rule of salvation according to the final sentence of the Gospel of John is the Faith: “Blessed are they who believed without seeing!” (Jn 20: 29). In Her mercy, the Virgin Mary proclaims how much this law is contrary to our impoverished nature.The Messages as a whole are destined to help “Mary’s Pilgrims” and, among themselves, all men of good will in order to live in CONSTANCE and PERSEVERANCE on the daily path of spiritual life. The luxury of many Apparitions responds to human weakness, which often leaves God’s search for ten, twenty, thirty years of life …This time, far from God, is not neutral. Usually, this lapse of time files into sin, in matrimonial infidelity, in the adoration of money. Finally in mortal sin, under Satan’s govern. ” Some of you’re asking Me to become mothers, many are asking for graces for their children  “. I was not present. We have to check if this was true. “that you may walk the path that God’s preparing for you.”..  “God’s unique plan on each” is a “leitmotif” of Messages like at Medjugorje like here. Each is called to become a unique figure in Heaven tasks (New Name). The “plan” alludes perhaps to God’s plan, contemporaneous, general on the world. We are in special times at the end of times. Mary’s triumph is near. During the preparatory period, made of great fightings, the Virgin prepares Her soldiers.

By Father M.F.

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