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“Dear children, thank you for having responded to My call. I’m looking at each one of you with My Motherly heart and I want to console you with My Motherly Love. My Children, I know that there’s no peace in each of you and you can’t immerse yourselves completely in the arms of God the Father anymore. My Children, you can’t call you My Apostles if you don’t live a genuine faith, made up of sacrifices and renunciations: you’re creating a God in your image. I’m saying to you, children, if you don’t leave the way of sin, how can the King of peace reign? I’m telling you that for a long time you’ve been living this grace that God’s given to each of you, don’t waste, My children, so many words, in judging the brothers who God’s placed next to you. Move all this disorder away, that doesn’t belong to God. And you, My children, who pray, don’t condemn because there are many among you who live as if they’d never known the truth. I’m exhorting you to live charity because charity’s benign, it’s the fruit of humility. Little children, if you don’t come back to reconcile you with God and don’t put an order in your hearts, you’ll never find the way to go and Satan will come to steal you hope. My Apostles, who are here present, I’m urging you to say your “Yes” for the grace that you’ve received to be loved and blessed by God. I’m still saying if someone wants to live My Messages, I’m exhorting you to put them into practice so that you be the salt of the earth and, through your “Yes”, the others will fall in love with your peace. My children, tonight I’m blessing you in the name of My Son who allows Me to bless you with His rays.
(Our Lady’ s turned over all the people and She’s blessed them with Her rays)
Thank you for having responded to My call. Pray, pray, pray! Tonight, I’m wiping away tears to each of you with My love hands.”

Genaral Remarks

A – Once again, Mary invites us to enter the true religion and to stray the false one. Devotion and piety are not enough. It is necessary to enter the logic of the Message that inaugurates the visionary ‘s public missionary phase, the Message of 15 April 2010: “O My Son, when you were a child I spoke to you as a child, but now that you’ve grown up I’ll speak to you as a grown up.” This coincidence between Faith and Life is also called COHERENCE. We feel that the Blessed Virgin cares about the superficial side of the religion of some people and She wishes to “put the clock back to the right hour again!”.
B – Everywhere in the world, numerous past or present warnings adopt a dramatic, threatening, apocalyptic tone, such as at Salette or at Fatima. The teachings, given to our spiritual family, are in harmony with the visionary’s personality who is usually joyous, peaceful, weighted, rarely scandalized by sin. In the “Schools of Mary” the Queen of Heaven surely proves demanding, but also tender, gentle, patient, longanimous. This is (like at Medjugorje) of a mother, who teaches long-term, who reprimands her children in a sweet way, without threat, without blackmail to fear. A mum who repeats the same things from years to years. This modern and new style is not understood by everyone. Therefore the hurried condemnations from people who, in making reference only to the past, ignore the environments of “New Evangelization” and “New Pedagogy.”
C – The September Message is more maternal than ever. The gesture is associated with the word since the Virgin Mary walks about in the middle of the small group, while blessing with Her rays. This intimate side makes you think of the “Virgin of the Rays” of the “Chapel of the Miraculous Medal”.


  1. The main theme: becoming authentic Christians, but also some Apostles, by merely practicing the Gospel.
  2. “You’re creating a God in your image”; that is the sin pre-eminently in the Old Testament. Possible allusion to the “false religion” that was underway in Catholic settings after 1968, a religion of personal growth without asceticism and without cross.
  3. To call you “My Apostles.” All in all, it is good to prepare Mary’s soldiers for the “end of times.”
  4. On guard against the negative intentions, criticisms and slanders that are the cancer of communities as Saint Paul demonstrates, especially in the first letter to the Corinthians.
  5. An all-simple call to charity, queen of virtues.
  6. Do we still have to mention Mt 7,21: “Not everyone who says to me,” Lord, Lord” shall enter the kingdom of heaven.”?

By Father M.F.

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