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Dear Children, also today I’m in your midst to lavish many graces, by My coming.

My children, graces can only be obtained by having an open and confident heart of hope! How many of you need some graces and I, who am the mother that wants to give you graces, I’m asking you, My children, to walk together with My Son Jesus, so that the plans ,that God has for each of you, can be realized.

Oh, my dear children, if you don’t begin to follow in the footsteps that God has traced, you can’t discover all the gifts that He wants to give you!

It’s time to say your “Yes”, because there are many who are unable to do a conversion path, to fast and to pray. But if you don’t pray, you can’t get Peace! Peace comes if you give Me your hearts and, only there, you’ll begin to taste His Love.

I desire, my children, that you help Me to distribute graces through your prayers. So, you can be My Disciples! Jesus awaits you with His outstretched hand and I, like a mother, lead you to Him, towards the Bridegroom.

My children trust this grace time, that God grants Me, to be with you for longer, to help you!

My children, you aren’t alone but, every time you open your hearts, I’m with you to comfort and to love you.

Pray, pray, pray! You, who have this gift, I ask you to be a peace gift and witnesses of these wonders that I’m accomplishing among you.

Pray for the Pastors, pray for the Holy Father, who is in great need of your prayers!

Thank you for responding to My call!

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