My religious way with the gift of Enzo, whom the Lord has placed at my side just as He sent the Apostles out two by two, has become more challenging and open since 15 April 2010 when, during a moment of prayer, Our Lady appeared to me and said: ‘My dear son, today is a special day for you! Know, My son, that Jesus wants that, every first Saturday of the month, Me to come among you to give a Message for humanity and wherever you are, I’ll come. This is a gift that God wants to give to humanity. Thank you for having responded to My call. I’m blessing you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every first Saturday of the month, since 15 April 2010 I have been experiencing the grace of receiving the visit of Mary, who comes to bring us the Message for humanity. On these occasions, there are many people who come to experience moments of prayer, sharing and to honour Our Lady, thus forming a large and numerous family, the family of “Mary’s Pilgrims”. I live my life in simplicity, I work in a factory and, in my free time, I open the doors of my house and my heart to all those who need a word of comfort, those who have a desire to know God. My Evangelisation way becomes more and more demanding, and the more time passes the more my brothers in Christ increase. Nowadays, there are several Cenacles of Pilgrims in various Italian towns, all born from a moment of spiritual sharing, which has left within each heart the constant desire of seeking God, of Evangelisation, and of encounter with Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

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