After this episode, when I returned home, my life changed radically and rapidly, without my noticing it. I was enraptured by the beauty that was enveloping me and I was more and more attracted to that spiritual world – unknown to me until then – than to material things; in fact, my friends noticed a great change in me, but I could not explain to them what was happening to me, although I had tried, tempted it several times This change of mine had aroused a lot of curiosity in them; in fact, some of them followed me in this new adventure. Then, one day, while I was praying with my family, Our Lady appeared to me and said: “Don’t be afraid, My son, because today I’m entrusting you to a spiritual Father, by whom you’ll be guided!” and I asked her: “Who’s he?” and she answered: “Father Vincenzo Cuomo”. I replied that I didn’t know him. She reassured me, saying: “Don’t worry, My son! You’ll find him and bring him this message and he’ll understand!”. She gave me a private message for him. So I went to my Parish to ask for information about this Priest. So, thanks for the help of my aunt and some of her parish acquaintances, we managed to track down Father Cuomo, with whom I met at his Parish, which was 20 km far from my house, in the company of my aunt and my mother, who had always been close to me, since the beginning of this adventure of mine. On the way there, I felt a great fear for this meeting, and my aunt, as usual, calmed me down, telling me: “If Our Lady has sent you, you mustn’t be afraid! When we arrived at the place, it was my aunt who first met the priest, telling him that I would have to speak to him; so he wanted to see me in private, leaving my mother and aunt in prayer. Father Cuomo immediately noticed how scared I was and tried to calm me down, inviting me to speak. I said: “Father, I don’t know if you believe me, but I’ve a message for you from Our Lady. He widened his eyes and stared at me in surprise. Then I said: “On the 26th of this month something will happen for which you pray so much.” He put his hand on my shoulder and said: “Take it easy with these things! Remain silent and, from the tree, we’ll recognize its fruits. We’ll then meet again on the 26th.” On the 26th, I returned to him, as he had asked, always accompanied by my mother and aunt. When I entered the church, he joyfully came towards me, took me by the hand and led me to the sacristy, where he said to me: “Today something great has happened: after a long time, there’s been a healing for which I prayed so much. A nun, who hadn’t got out of bed for a long time, came to take the Eucharist with her legs”. Then, he asked me for silence and obedience, to understand where those signs were coming from. Since then, he has been becoming my Spiritual guide.

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