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Dear My little children, loved by God, also today I’m coming among you to give you all the Father’s Love.

I speak to you as a Mother and a mother always comforts her children.

My Children, give thanks to My Son Jesus for all what He gives you and because He gives you the grace to let Me stand among you, so that you may learn to listen to the Messages that are given to you.

It’s necessary, my children, to be true Apostles of His Love, but if you don’t learn to accept His Word, which is Life and Truth, you won’t be able to understand His Love. That’s why I come to guide you towards the path that My Son has traced for you, so that you may become the true Evangelizers of His Word. Announce, My Children, the Gospel to all and don’t be afraid to bear witness to His Love, because, through the invocation of the Holy Spirit, you’ re His Apostles.

Pray, pray, pray, because, only through prayer, you’ll be able to turn away everything that divides you from My Son.

My Children, I’m looking at each one of you and I see all your pain and bewilderment; I’m close to each one of you and I’m invoking My Son’s blessing upon you, so that you can offer all what today you don’t understand on this earth.

For this reason I say to you, do not be deceived by the things of the world, but I urge you to live for the things of heaven, where no one can take away from you the hope of eternity.

I’m exhorting you to love one another, because, through your love, you’ll be the witnesses of His Love.

My Children, I’m inviting you to be reconciled with God and to forgive one another, so that you may feel in your hearts that Love which many of you have tasted.

Pray, so that Satan can’t deceive you through his seductions, letting you believe that you’ re no longer loved. Return to your Pastors to be forgiven and loved.

Pray, pray, pray! I’m blessing you all.


Be careful! This text is not a commentary “all done”, but rather a plan of exchange for the meetings of Mary’s Pilgrims.

Giving all the Father’s Love

The Trinitarian dimension also exists in the Messages. Mary is sent by the Father to give the Father’s treasures. Usually the Blessed Virgin speaks rather of the Son.

Consoler Mother

The first reading of the evening Mass was that of the 14th Sunday during the year: Isaiah 66, 10s: “You will suck and be carried in your arms, you will be caressed on your knees. Like a son whom his mother comforts…” Saint Theresa of Lisieux loved this passage so much.
In many Messages of Raphael Ferrara, Mary presents Herself as the Mother of Consolation. Humanity is not only sinful; it is also anguished. She needs consolation.

Mary’s graces because of Her presence among us.

For 33 years, the “Mother of Consolation” has been coming to us many, many times! We must not forget this enormous gift!

Welcoming the Word of God

The religion of “Mary’s Pilgrims” is simple, none other than that of the Gospel. In Medjugorje, in our spiritual family, how many times Mary asks to come back to the Bible, to the Word of God!

Becoming evangelizers without fear

Announcing the Gospel to all of us is scary. We can do this through the help of the Holy Spirit. Every evening, examine your own apostolic conscience: today how many times have I spoken about Jesus?

Moving away everything that divides from the Son

The steep path of detachment of all creatures according to the doctrine of the Gospel, of Saint John of the Cross and of all the saints, seems inhuman. Progressively the Holy Spirit makes it clear that “the door is narrow and the way to life is narrow!” Mt 7:14.

Mary sees each one and knows his/her own bewilderment

How many men today are hopeless, sad in solitude. An enormous, wonderful mystery: Mary says she is close to each of the 7 billion men!

Offering all what we can’t understand on this earth

There are many and many problems in contemporary culture: new physics, the genesis of the world, the duration of the genesis of the world, suffering everywhere, problems related to longevity, artificial intelligence… On the religious plan: biblical criticism, the victorious race of Islam for 13 centuries, scandals, divisions in the Church, the incredulity of many good people, etc. etc.;

The earth things are deceptive; to desire those of Heaven

It is not so easy to live the spirituality of the transformation of the world according to Gaudium et Spes, and, at the same time, to be faithful to traditional spirituality: “Think of the things up there, not those of the earth…“. Col 3:2.

Satan makes us believe that we are not loved

The devil keeps us at the carnal level. From a purely natural point of view, everything seems to happen at random in the world. God seems to forget, perhaps despise His creatures, the world and its history. Only dark faith, enlightened by Revelation, makes us believe the opposite. See, for example, the doctrine of Consolata Betrone.

Father M.F.

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