Despite the confidentiality that Father Cuomo had asked of me, the news of what I was experiencing had already leaked out. In fact, one evening in June 1986, while I was walking through the streets of the town, I was stopped by four acquaintances from the town (Salvatore Chiatto, Rosario Cristiano, Rosario Conte, Antonio Del Prete) who asked me for information about what was happening to me. While telling them about my experience, I also expressed the desire to form a Prayer Group, and so it was. We used to meet weekly at my aunt’s house to pray the Holy Rosary and, as time went by, the Group grew more and more, but we found ourselves with considerable space constraints. After about two years, in fact, in an Apparition, Our Lady asked us to go and pray in the house of the Lord. Since my Parish Priest, Father Mimmo De Rosa, already knew my story – because my family and I had become parishioners, who were always present at the various celebrations – I asked him if it would be possible for our Prayer Group to meet there, in my Parish. He gladly accepted this proposal and made himself available for the Spiritual guidance of the Prayer Group and, in time, he also became my Spiritual Guide.

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