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“My dear children, also today I’m coming among you to accommodate your hearts that have fallen asleep. As nature awakens, I’m exhorting you to awaken your faith so that it may not wither. My Son’s sending Me among you so that, thanks to My consolation, you may blossom again to new life; don’t remain to look up to Heaven, but I’m exhorting you to look within yourselves! It’s time of acting, it’s time of returning to God! Pray, My children, so that the Comforter Spirit can act on each of you and It can reveal you God’s plans! Pray, pray, so that, with My coming among you, I can guide you and help you to follow the footsteps which My Son marked out for each of you. Lay down at My Son’s foot anything that doesn’t allow you to live Peace. Trust in Him and you’ll be radiant: He comes to raise again those who have fallen! It’s time of grace, it’s time to declare your “yes” and give up sin, because many are those who live without His grace and let themselves be seduced by evil. Pray, pray, pray! Pray for My Pastors, pray for world peace! Thanks for your presence.”

A Comment

“As nature awakens”:…As the Middle Ages understood it right, there is a “sweet” analogy between nature and the supernatural world. They are some seasons of the soul. “For see, the winter is past, the rains are over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth… “(Canticle of Canticles 2,11). After so many authors, St. John of the Cross commented on this passage and others similar. In his commentary of Verse 17 of the “Spiritual Canticle” alludes to the South Wind, hot wind that awakens loves, as opposed to the North Wind, the cold wind of death. Alas! Today, it is not a matter of so many elevated things, but of the asleep souls, close to spiritual death: “..so that, thanks to My consolation, you may blossom again to new life.” The “Virgin of Pilgrims” is sometimes presented as the “Lady of Consolation” and relentlessly this theme comes back to the Messages given to the visionary Raffaele Ferrara. Today many people of good will are taken by dead-end situations. “And they bind together heavy and oppressive burdens, and lay them on men’s shoulders… (Matthew 23,4)”. Many souls need to be reassured, comforted. In the History of the Church, Heaven often intervenes to grumble, threaten, as at “La Salette”. Today, Mary comes to console the “Pilgrims of Mary”. We should feel so much joy of this! .. “…don’t remain to look up to Heaven.” This phrase could surprise us extensively. Indeed it is written: “Therefore, if you are risen with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Mind the things that are above, not the things that are on earth.” (Colossians, 3,1-2). But the things on earth and heaven are full of paradoxes and contradictions, as we see it in the Gospel. The mysterious phrase of this Message mentions the beginning of Acts of Apostles: “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking up to Heaven?” (Acts.. 1,11). It exists an inadequate way of looking towards Heaven. Marx has made the criticism about this. If we think that “to stand looking up towards Heaven” lies in forgetting the brothers, the duty of state, we are deluded. Here, Mary invites us not to escape ourselves in the research of the wonderful, to make an examination of conscience to rectify what is not good in the moral and spiritual life: “…but I’m exhorting you to look within yourselves! It’s time of acting, it’s time of returning to God.”..”….(I can) help you to follow the footsteps which My Son marked out for each of you.” The human sciences would give us to believe that everything is the fruit “of chance and necessity”, that God be absent from the world. In fact, God is worried for each one. Each one has a unique name, a unique vocation, a unique mission and all this is planned by Heaven and Angels. We believe it, without, therefore, believing in a rigid Predestination that would not leave any place for creativity.”Many are those who live without His grace”: Mary speaks here very peacefully. However we have a right to see what is hidden behind the words. Blanche of Castile used to teach her son, St. Louis, that she would have preferred to see him dead rather than to notice a mortal sin in him. Mortal sin? The word is frightening and, in fact, it terrified the oldest persons among us. Since “being in the state of sin” means to be spiritually dead and to lose eternal life. This horrifies. We live in the trust but also in the “holy fear” because it is written: “…work out your salvation with fear and trembling..”(Philippians 2,12); “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10,31). The Message is addressed to “humanity”, but it also can happen to live in this state to the fervent “Pilgrims of Mary”. We are all concerned, I am the first, “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall” (1 Corinthians 10,12).

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