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My dear children, with motherly love, I’m coming among you to comfort your hearts, which are weighed down by so many sufferings. I want to wipe the tears to each of you, but if you don’t open your hearts, My Son can’t give you the consolation. He says to you: “Come to Me and you’ll be filled with the true peace that the world can’t give you!”. My children, it’s necessary to pray, it’s necessary to know His Word, and, only by walking on His footsteps, you’ll be the true Apostles of His Word. My children, My Son sends Me among you so that you don’t feel alone in this world with no consolation. Many people offer peace and love, but only He’s Peace and Love, so I’m exhorting you to do a path of holiness where you won’t be able to be deceived by false peacemakers. Return to God without making you steal the hope, that God’s given you. My children, I’m exhorting you to pray for the whole world: I need your prayers so that God’s plans may be realized. Pray, pray, pray without ever getting tired, because, by your prayers, your fasting and penance, you’ ll save many souls, living in sin and I’m exhorting many of you to return to God and to take the path that God has marked out for you, because they’ re many who are moving away more and more, and are living as if they’d never known God’s Love. Come back to your Pastors because, through a confession, then you can lift yourselves up again and start over. How can a mother leave her children? Dear children, I wish that all of you to live for eternity and I wish that none of you to be ruined in hell. I love you! Pray, pray, pray for My Pastors, pray for world peace and pray for peace in families. I’m blessing you with motherly love.

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This message is not a “revelation”; It falls within the field of the gift of prophecy as it is an exhortation. 1 Cor. 14/3, “the prophet speaks to men for edification, exhortation and consolation.” “Consolation”, a word that is repeated endlessly in the Messages given to the visionary Raffaele Ferrara. We also find this theme very often in the words of the “Queen of the Castle.” The “Consolation” is an important biblical voice. The second book of Isaiah (Chapter 44-55) is also called the “Book of Consolation of Israel.” St. Ignatius often takes up this word and associates it to “desolation.” The Carmelite School proves severe against those who seek the consolations. However, we know that, today, many live some inhumane conditions. Maria does not come as a repressive mother but as a Consoler Mummy. It is a reality of which we see the convenience. In the wake of Fatima: “Many souls go to hell because people don’t pray enough for them”, this message remits us in the gravity of our situation. Through the constant prayer and the moderate fasting (as marked in Medjugorje), we can avoid eternal flames to someone. Let us take a few minutes to meditate this proposition in an Ignatian way: “Well, I’m in the afterlife and a reprobate accuses (rebukes) me his fate.”

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