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Dear children, I’m coming to console your hearts with motherly love, so that they may burn with Love.

My children don’t abandon daily prayer, because, through daily prayer, you’ll run along the paths that God’s traced for you!

I’m saying to you, My children: help one another, asking for the grace to pray together, because it’s “in asking that one receives” and you can discover your brother’s Love through the gift of humility and, only in this way, you’ll able to be witnesses of Joy.

I’m with you and beside each one of you, who are in suffering.

I’m saying to you, my dear children, to remain in prayer, so that you may meet the King of Peace.

For this reason, My Son Jesus sends Me among you, so that He can guide you to live His Word.

Pray, pray, pray, my children, because, without prayer, you won’t be able to implement and to live the Word, that continues in time through My coming!

I’m your Mother and you, who are tired, fatigued and oppressed, donate your tirednesses to Me and I’ll bring them to My Son Jesus, so that you can have a new heart and I’ll console you.

I’m with you and I desire that you become My Apostles to help those who haven’t known God’s Love yet.

Don’t be afraid to witness the wonders that God’s working in you, saying your “Yes” every day!

Thank you for having responded to My call.


I’m coming to console your hearts with motherly love…“. Mary the Consoler, we have seen it many times, is almost the title of the Holy Virgin in Oliveto Citra (Sa), Italy, and in the Messages given to the visionary Raffaele Ferrara.

“Don’t abandon daily prayer…”. Fifty years ago, it was fashionable, in religious circles, to recommend a weekly or monthly rhythm of prayer, because in daily life it was not possible to do more. It was not in keeping with Catholic tradition.
For example, in monastic life it is said: “seven times a day you will praise the Lord!”.
Muslims must pray five times a day!
In these times of conflicts with the powers of darkness, of waiting for new times, the daily rhythm is an obvious necessity. The Virgin Mary reaffirms this.

“Help one another, asking for the grace of praying together…”. The monastic tradition of the first centuries, even the manner of imitation of Jesus Christ is very individual.
Among the movements of the “Renewal” we have found the spirit of the primitive community, visible in the Acts of the Apostles: praying, also together, is very important. Today, in different parts of the world, for example in Medjugorje, in Zaro (Na), Italy, Mary asks for Cenacles.
I Mary’s Pilgrims do not forget their connection with the Cenacles of Sister Elvira and the type of relationship that can be seen in the manner of the visionary Raffaele Ferrara and his brothers in the Virgin Mary.
Fraternal help is needed more than ever in the secular City.
“Bring your burdens to one another” (Gal 6/2).
Examine the theme of friendship in the writings of Saint Paul, especially the end of his letters.
Read 1 Thess 2/17s; 3/1-10; Fl 1/8s.

“Because it is in asking that one receives and you can discover your brother’s Love through the gift of humility”. Today there is a lack of priests for spiritual direction. But a phenomenon is developing in the Church a lot: fraternal help between dialogue and mutual prayer. How many times brother confides to another: “in the sphere of chastity, of the couple, of holiness, of work I can’t take it anymore. Counsel me, help me, pray for me!”.
This requires a lot of humility, but it really builds up the community.
The Virgin Mary told the visionary Raffaele Ferrara “Mother Teresa’s vocation is for the material poor; your mission is for the spiritual poorAnd only in this way you’ll be able to be the joy witnesses …”. See the photos of the meetings of Mary’s Pilgrims!

“Tired, fatigued and oppressed, donate your tirednesses to Me…”. There is a corollary of the title “Mary the Consoler”. But do not let us forget the nuance, the important precision: “Donate them”.
The Virgin Mary assumes the pastoral and pitiful soul of Her Son Jesus. Read: Mt 11/29s, 15/32s.

“Those who haven’t known God’s Love yet…” In Medjugorje, Our Lady asks not to speak of the “unbelievers”, but to say – with charity – “Those who haven’t known God’s love yet”.

Father M.F.

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