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Dear My children, as your Mother I come among you to bring the” Good News “.

My children, it’s a long time since I’ve given you My Messages, so that you can understand and implement them. I come to bring you all that My Son brought by coming to earth as a man: He suffered like you, He suffered like you! Today, more than ever, you need the Consoler and He sends Me, so that you learn to fall in love with His Word.

Live, My children, these times of Grace. At this moment, Grace’ s living in you, you who have been called in this time; you need to change your life! Little children, it’ s necessary to decide in order to be My Apostles, but if you don’t live in His Love and you don’t free yourselves from your sin, God can’t dwell in you! He’ s Mercy, He forgives and tells you: go and don’t sin anymore! I’m saying to you: don’t remain slaves of sin and how many of you justify themselves, saying: God forgives everything!

Lui è misericordia, perdona e ti dice: Va e non peccare più. Dico a voi, non rimanete schiavi del peccato e quanti di voi si giustificano dicendo: Dio tutto perdona.

I’m exhorting you, children, not to fall into the evil one’s hands, because there are many who live as if they’d never known the Word! My children, you’ve been given the Commandments that have been written, so that you can put them into practice.

I’m saying to you that you want to follow in the footsteps of My Son: you must decide to be witnesses of what God does in you!

When I’ d to become a Bride, God didn’t leave Me alone, but I’ d Joseph to accompany Me in this mystery, so unknown to us. We’d to trust this mystery and the Grace was above us, which acted in us.

I’m saying to you: you aren’t alone! You already have the knowledge of all the experience of Jesus’s coming onto earth, which, even today, He lives among you and He’s among you.

You need to listen, you need to understand and live, so you’ll be transformed into a new life.

Don’t bother understanding everything! I’m exhorting you to pray the Holy Spirit so that It act in you and you won’t be disappointed!

I’m with you in these times when, more than ever, they try to take away Hope, but I’m saying to you: blessed are those who donate themselves in silence and, deep in their hearts, contemplate God and not those who say “Lord, Lord”!

Learn everything that comes to you from the Holy Scriptures, where everything’s written. I’m a mother who comforts her children and I come to earth so that, by My coming, you can feel all of My Love.

Only in this way, you’ll feel that you are new creatures, putting all My Messages into practice and you’ll be Witnesses of Truth.

I’ m saying to you, my children: I need you, so that you may be Gospel Witnesses. I’m asking you, my children, to be bearers of souls, through your love, so that the plans, that God has for each of you, can be fulfilled.

Pray, pray, pray, that I may act in you! Thank you for having responded to My call.


This Message is of a particularly Christological tenor and insists on God’s Word, heard, understood and put into practice as it was précised in the Gospel discourse in chapters 5, 6 and 7 of St. Matthew.

To this end, we need the “Comforter”. Isn’t it about the Holy Spirit?

Let us think of the theory of the “missionary disciple” dear to Pope Francis. It is necessary to listen to the Word, internalize it, put it into practice and then spread it in all directions (Evangelii Nuntiandi n ° 23, 264 etc.).

This requires a personal conversion to imitate Jesus and an Apostolic conversion to bear witness the joy of having found Christ.

It is useless to dream to become an Apostle without converting himself. The Virgin Mary says Her disappointment about it. In our groups, no one is truly converted and some live-in sin. We are all imbued with the prejudices that rage in the world and even in the Church: “Sin isn’t there. God’ s so good that He forgives everything”. This mentality, which consists in abusing divine mercy, is unsustainable. Jesus forgives the adulterous woman (Jn 8:11) but insists: «Go and from now on don’t sin any more».

Be careful not to fall into the evil one’s arms who is a real person, alive, active day and night all over the world.

Now we must come back to the FUNDAMENTALS, to the Commandments of the Old Testament, assumed, transfigured in the New Testament. The tremendous warning of Matthew 7: 21 is recalled here: “Not everyone who tells me “Lord, Lord” …”

We find a small novelty in this exposition. The Virgin Mary alludes to Her marriage with Joseph that He was Her support when they were both struggling with the mystery of virginal birth.

Similarly, against modern atheism, we are not alone, despite appearances. Of course, through the Gospel we know the experience of Jesus in the first century. But this thesaurus is not just from the past. Christ is currently very alive among us. It is present in all the situations we cross. He accompanies us together in our personal journey and in our apostolic activities.

Once again, the theme of CONSULATION appears.

We are well aware that being a “Mary’s Pilgrim” and one of Raffaele Ferrara’s friends is a special favor. We must realize the fortune, that we have, to be so visited, advised, pampered hundred times by the Holy Virgin!

Father M.

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