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My children, blessed by the Father, I’m exhorting you to live God’s Word, which is given to you through Me.

Have confidence of welcoming the Peace King into your hearts! I bring you the Word, which is the Word of eternal life and, if you welcome it, you’ll live for eternity.

How many of you’ve tasted His love and His tenderness? I’m saying to you, my children, that you seek peace: don’t leave daily prayer! Without prayer and without listening to God’s Word, you can’t achieve the heart peace! You need to be true Apostles to be the world Light, but if you don’t learn from Him, you can’t be peace bearers!

You, my children, don’t feel discouraged not to be prophets in your families, but be perseverant! As a mother, I carried in My womb the humanity Gift, which was the Light and the Word made flesh. And you, who have the grace of receiving Him in your hearts, I’m exhorting you to guard Him, by making Him grow within you, saying your “Yes”.

Pray, my children, so that the gaze may remain fixed on the Cross and the Comforter Spirit free you from all that leads you away from God!

And you, my children, who have the wish of giving your hearts to God, know that you aren’t alone, even if these times are full of tribulations and trials. For this, I’m exhorting you to help you one another, offering prayers and fasts. I come to this place as a Mother of Consolation.

Dear children, witness My Messages to those who haven’t received this grace yet, so that you may become My Apostles with your Cenacles.

I’m saying to you, my children, who have been called: fall in love ever more with this grace that God’s giving you! And you, who have been following Me for a long time, witness the wonders that God’s doing on you, so that, by your example, you may be Light. Thank you that you answered my call!

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