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“Dear My little children, even today I’m among you to show you the true path of peace. Know, My children, that, in order to meet the King of Peace, it’s necessary to decide to walk on those footsteps which He traced for you, it’s necessary to get dressed with “new creatures” again and, to get dressed with “new creatures” again, it’s necessary to change your lives! As a mother, I feed you on His Word every day, so that you may become “the salt of the earth”. Many of you’ve been called through My coming onto earth to live and make you live God’s Love and you, My children, who have been called in this path, I’m exhorting you to look deep into your hearts in order to continue the path which God’s been pointing to you for some time; for this, I’m exhorting you to live this “time of grace” which My Son’s granting you.It’s time to be My witnesses through the graces which you’re receiving and you, who have tasted His Peace, His forgiveness, His tenderness, His love, today you’re called to witness the wonders which every day My Son does on each of you.For this, My children, it’s necessary to give what you’ve received. Don’t allow, My children, to fall asleep! Pray, pray, pray, My children, because, only through prayer, every day you’ll fall in love with My Son Jesus more and more and many are those who already experience a little Paradise joy on this earth.My children, I’m saying to each of you: “Leave sin and ask for the true Love which never ends, where everything’s transformed and everything will remain for eternity”, only in this way you can call yourselves My Apostles! I’m exhorting you, My children, to return to that joy and smile which you had once when you met the King of Peace, because many don’t succeed in forgiving any more because of so many wounds which you’ve in your hearts.My children, as a mother I’m coming to give you all that love which only a mother can give and I know that many of you’ve the desire of meeting Me and of seeing Me, but one day you won’t see only Me, but you’ll see all of Paradise! Pray, pray, pray! Thanks for having responded to My call.”

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