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Dear children, blessed by Heaven, I’m exhorting you to live My Son Jesus’s Word more.

My children, there are many who haven’t put order in their lives yet. I’m saying to you, my children, that I’ve been knocking to your hearts for a long time, so that you can totally open them to Grace.

My children, I’m saying to you, who have known this coming for some time, I wish you to become My Apostles and, through your perseverance, become the living Gospel, so that you may be a gift for those who are far from God’s Word, but if you don’t start from your families to pray, you won’t be able to be Gospel Witnesses.

I’m saying to you that you’ve got the desire of meeting the Peace King: begin to travel the paths that God traced for you! This is why I’m among you, to help you walk the God paths every day, giving you My Messages, so that you, my children, may not feel alone during your way. Because you aren’t alone, I’m beside each one of you, giving you My extended hand, waiting for you to take it.

My Heart rejoices when you pray together. When you pray together, you’re like Angels. I’m asking you, my children, pray, pray, so that, by your prayers, you don’t let yourselves wither!

For this reason, I’m asking you to pray, because, through your Prayer Cenacles, you’re filled with the Holy Spirit and that’s where Grace descends on you, in order to heal your wounds.

I’m saying to you, o chosen to be persevering and don’t be afraid to say your “Yes”! You’ve been called to witness these grace times, even knowing that there will be tribulations and sufferings. Know that My Son was persecuted, and you too will be persecuted because of His Love!

This is why I’m exhorting you to remain united to the Church every day, walking together with the Pastors, helping one another.

Pray, pray, pray! Thank you for having responded to My call.

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