You are currently viewing The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 4th November 2017
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My dear little children, even today, I’m knocking at your hearts to kindle in you the Love flame. I’m coming to give you this Love of My Son Jesus, who gives Himself for each one of you every day. To you, My children, who want to follow His footsteps, as a mother, I want to help you, for this reason He sends Me among you. Be bearers of Peace, by offering Me your lives. To become the true Apostles, it’s necessary that some souls decide to spread the Love Messages which God gives you. You can’t become My Apostles, unless you decide to offer your lives. How many of you desire the heart prayer? I’m inviting you for your “Yes” to God, to become humble and to clothe yourselves with new creatures. Only like so, you’ll smell the holiness scent. There are many of My children who don’t manage to pray any more and let themselves be dragged from things that don’t belong to God. My children, it’s necessary to immerse yourselves inside you, so that you can see the bewilderment in your hearts; only like so, you can become aware of how far from His projects you are. My children, I’m exhorting you to pray so that Peace return in your hearts and I want to help you to find Hope again. Today My Son’s knocking at your hearts and He’s inviting you to start a new life and, as My Son says, “Old things are passed!”, therefore I’m inviting you to give Him your sins because, only like so, you can feel loved. No one can love how My Son loves! Pray, pray, pray for all those who wounded you and you can’t forgive! I’ll pray as a mother over you, to console all the wounds of your hearts. That’s why I’m among you, so that you may not feel alone, because you aren’t alone: the Consoler Spirit’s always on you! Pray, pray, pray, so that, by prayer, you may live the path that God traced for each of you. I’m fixing My maternal glance on each of you and I’m blessing you all. Thank you for having responded to My call.

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