After a long period in Calcutta, I had to return to Italy because I fell ill again. After I recovered my health, I returned to the Community in Acilia. After a while, I don’t know why the union that had been created between Sister Elvira’s Community and that of the “Brothers of the Word” dissolved. I returned to Naples and conferred with my Spiritual Father who, as usual, was close to me and helped me to clarify my way. I spent days and days in prayer and the desire to start again arose in my heart since I had so many wonders inside me that the Lord had given me and I could not keep them to myself; so I asked my Spiritual Father to put his house in Grumo Nevano at my disposal. After several insistences, he granted it to me and so I found my peace and my home. Antonio, currently my brother-in-law, and I lived here, and our day consisted of prayer, evangelizing, and listening to the needy. A great friend of ours, Esterina, Giuseppe, and Maria Pia helped us on a daily basis, but Maria Pia lived in Bari, so her presence was sporadic, although very valuable. We spent a lot of time in this house, and our reality had spread. Under our Spiritual Father’s and Our Lady’s guidance, we lived in silence and prayer with the young people in our Group. Our house took the name “Mary’s School”, precisely because, on a daily basis, She instructed us and guided us and supported us in difficult moments, because there were so many of them and so many falls and failures.

As the number of brothers increased more and more and the house was too small for all of them, we decided to open a small workshop for religious articles in order to earn some money and then move to a larger house. The nuns from the Sanctuary of Pompeii came to teach us how to make some small items, such as rosaries and small paintings. In order to raise more money, we thought of asking for financial help from our acquaintances, but, during an apparition, Our Lady told us that we should not ask for anything, but only entrust ourselves to Her Son Jesus, and so we did. We always prayed to the Holy Providence to help us. Then one evening, we were at Esterina’s house and there was an apparition in which Jesus, firmly and decisively, said to me: “My son, the hour has come for what you’ve been seeking. Don’t worry! Very soon, keys will be given to you. Trust in Me and in My Mother!” And so we did, we prayed, waited, and trusted.

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