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“My children, pray, pray, pray because in these days if you don’t pray, many chastisements will come!”

Saying this, I began to see, as, in a film, all these events of which Our Lady was speaking and what I saw was horrible. . Our Lady continued to ask for prayers, without ever tiring. She invites us to our salvation because She loves us because She is our mother and She wants us saved.

Our Lady continues, saying: I’m blessing you, My children. Pray a lot because Satan, in his manifestations, undermines many people; remember that he’s the prince of lies and he tempts you in every way. Come here without showing off. Pray and ask, because I’m hearing. Even if you don’t see Me, I’ve come down to this place more to give graces of the soul than material ones. I’m happy for you who have kept vigil all night and I’m blessing you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.”

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