The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 5th October 2019

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During the moment of prayer

Dear My children, also today I’m coming among you to offer to each one of you My sweet loved Jesus, who offers Himself for each one of you every day.

My children, I’m saying to you: open your hearts so that you may free yourselves from all your vanities, which don’t allow you to see the grace of God anymore, making you slaves of sin.

Know of that all that is on this earth is vanity.

Dear children, live for the Heaven things more and invest your lives for eternity every day.

Many of you are attached to themselves and they don’t succeed in seeing the creation beauty anymore, my children, I’m exhorting you to fall in love with life, to return to live in simplicity, without being afraid of getting old.

Know how to live in the naturalness that life gives you, but I’m saying to you, my children: bless, bless, bless for the life grace that My Son has given you on this earth!

Don’t live as if God didn’t exist, letting yourselves be seduced by this world that has no eternity.

I’m saying to you: pray, pray, pray so as not to be deceived by Satan, who lets you believe that sin there isn’t.

My children, sin has a name and all that is evil doesn’t belong to God. And to you, my children, who know the Commandments, I’m exhorting you to live them.

My little children, courage, I’m beside you who suffer because of those who have taken away your hope and aren’t able to live in peace anymore. I’m exhorting you to stand up and place all your pains in My Son’s hands.

I’m beside you, who are feeling alone and abandoned today; even if everyone will abandon you, know of that God will never abandon you.

I’m saying to you: bless, bless and pray for those who make you suffer! Know of that they persecuted My Son and they’ll persecute you, too.

Blessed are you who suffer to bear witness to the Truth today! I need you; I need your prayers! Be witnesses of His Love every day. The more you give, the greater your desire of being His Apostles.

I love you, My children!

Pray, pray, pray for the Church and pray for those who don’t know the Love of My Son Jesus! That’s why I gather you around Me to imprint in your hearts all the love of a Mother.

Thank you, My Children, for having responded to My call.


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