During the apparition

Dear Children, also today I’m beside each one of you to donate you all My love.

My children, for a long time, I’ve been speaking to each one of you in order to teach you to tread in the footsteps of My Son Jesus, that many of you know.

I come to bring you that peace, which the world doesn’t donate you nowadays and you, My children, who know well My Messages which I’ve been donating you for a long time, do live them so that everything may be realized through your prayers!

Thank you, My Apostles, who are laying at Jesus’ feet all your bewilderment through your prayers.

It’s time for conversion, it’ s time to awaken in you those values and that love that you greatly lack.

My Children, my heart is sad because of so many children who suffer because they don’t know God’s Love and they live without hope.

And you, who have known God’s Love, console those next to you so that you may transmit all that you’ve known in these times of grace.

Thanks to those who listen to My Son’s Word and put It into practice.

I’m saying to you: “Live for the things of Heaven that your hope may always be enkindled in you”, and I, who come among you, come to console as a mother consoles her children.

I love you, my children, and I want that none to get lost.

You say: “Where’s Jesus? Where’ s our God?”. I’m saying to you: “My children, if only you understood all the Love that He’ s got for each one of you, your suffering’ s nothing in front of eternity”.

I said to My Son: “The wine lacks!”, so there was a lack of cheerfulness as it lacks today. Today I’m saying to you: “You lack love, you lack humility, you lack faith!”

This is the time, it’s the time of deciding for eternity, starting again with your families, where there may be forgiveness and love.

Listen to the Words of the Holy Scriptures, so that you may live them and make them blossom as the spring blossoms.

Everything passes, everything is renewed, as I’m inviting you today to begin again. You don’t know God’s plans, but God knows your hearts.

Pray, pray, pray, so that My Immaculate Heart may triumph!

Thank you for having responded to My call.


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