The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 7th September 2019

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Dear children, I’m coming to console your hearts with motherly love, so that they may burn with Love.

My children don’t abandon daily prayer, because, through daily prayer, you’ll run along the paths that God’s traced for you!

I’m saying to you, My children: help one another, asking for the grace to pray together, because it’s “in asking that one receives” and you can discover your brother’s Love through the gift of humility and, only in this way, you’ll able to be witnesses of Joy.

I’m with you and beside each one of you, who are in suffering.

I’m saying to you, my dear children, to remain in prayer, so that you may meet the King of Peace.

For this reason, My Son Jesus sends Me among you, so that He can guide you to live His Word.

Pray, pray, pray, my children, because, without prayer, you won’t be able to implement and to live the Word, that continues in time through My coming!

I’m your Mother and you, who are tired, fatigued and oppressed, donate your tirednesses to Me and I’ll bring them to My Son Jesus, so that you can have a new heart and I’ll console you.

I’m with you and I desire that you become My Apostles to help those who haven’t known God’s Love yet.

Don’t be afraid to witness the wonders that God’s working in you, saying your “Yes” every day!

Thank you for having responded to My call.


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 3rd August 2019

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The arrival of Mary after the holy rosary

Dear children! Also today I’m coming to bring you My Son Jesus’s Love, who offers Himself for you every day.

My dear children, if you knew all that Heaven’s preparing for you, you would no longer be afraid of life or death!

I’m saying to you, my children, who know the Word of the Holy Scriptures, I’m exhorting you to put them into practice, by living them. Only in this way, you’ll become the fruit of love, the fruit of grace, the fruit of joy.

My Children, pray, pray so that you may become some true Sentinels and Apostles of His Love. Where there’s love, there’ s charity and there, there’s the fruit of God’s Love and the Love that reigns in God.

To you, my dear children, I’m exhorting you to open your hearts to My Son Jesus, through a prayer face to face before the Eucharist, where He’ll let you discover the gifts that you don’t know.

That’s why I ask each of you to live His teachings every day, so that you may be ready to accept all that’s happening around you.

You know that My Son sends Me among you to guide you and that you, who seek His love, I’m inviting you to fast and pray, to feel loved and comforted. I’m with you and with you, who suffer.

Every day, with My maternal Love, I’m close to you to help you not to get lost on the path that He’s traced for you.

Pray, pray, pray, pray, because, only through prayer, you can overcome all the seductions of the evil one and his temptation.

Thank you, My Children, who give this time of grace to My Son Jesus, responding to His Love. My Heart’s full of joy, in seeing all of you who witness this “oasis of peace” through your love.

Thank you for your presence. I’m blessing you all and I’m exhorting you to always walk in the footsteps of My Son Jesus.

“Then Our Lady left me a secret Message that, for the moment, I can’t reveal”


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 6th July 2019

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Dear My little children, loved by God, also today I’m coming among you to give you all the Father’s Love.

I speak to you as a Mother and a mother always comforts her children.

My Children, give thanks to My Son Jesus for all what He gives you and because He gives you the grace to let Me stand among you, so that you may learn to listen to the Messages that are given to you.

It’s necessary, my children, to be true Apostles of His Love, but if you don’t learn to accept His Word, which is Life and Truth, you won’t be able to understand His Love. That’s why I come to guide you towards the path that My Son has traced for you, so that you may become the true Evangelizers of His Word. Announce, My Children, the Gospel to all and don’t be afraid to bear witness to His Love, because, through the invocation of the Holy Spirit, you’ re His Apostles.

Pray, pray, pray, because, only through prayer, you’ll be able to turn away everything that divides you from My Son.

My Children, I’m looking at each one of you and I see all your pain and bewilderment; I’m close to each one of you and I’m invoking My Son’s blessing upon you, so that you can offer all what today you don’t understand on this earth.

For this reason I say to you, do not be deceived by the things of the world, but I urge you to live for the things of heaven, where no one can take away from you the hope of eternity.

I’m exhorting you to love one another, because, through your love, you’ll be the witnesses of His Love.

My Children, I’m inviting you to be reconciled with God and to forgive one another, so that you may feel in your hearts that Love which many of you have tasted.

Pray, so that Satan can’t deceive you through his seductions, letting you believe that you’ re no longer loved. Return to your Pastors to be forgiven and loved.

Pray, pray, pray! I’m blessing you all.


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 1st June 2019

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Dear Children, also today I’m in your midst to lavish many graces, by My coming.

My children, graces can only be obtained by having an open and confident heart of hope! How many of you need some graces and I, who am the mother that wants to give you graces, I’m asking you, My children, to walk together with My Son Jesus, so that the plans ,that God has for each of you, can be realized.

Oh, my dear children, if you don’t begin to follow in the footsteps that God has traced, you can’t discover all the gifts that He wants to give you!

It’s time to say your “Yes”, because there are many who are unable to do a conversion path, to fast and to pray. But if you don’t pray, you can’t get Peace! Peace comes if you give Me your hearts and, only there, you’ll begin to taste His Love.

I desire, my children, that you help Me to distribute graces through your prayers. So, you can be My Disciples! Jesus awaits you with His outstretched hand and I, like a mother, lead you to Him, towards the Bridegroom.

My children trust this grace time, that God grants Me, to be with you for longer, to help you!

My children, you aren’t alone but, every time you open your hearts, I’m with you to comfort and to love you.

Pray, pray, pray! You, who have this gift, I ask you to be a peace gift and witnesses of these wonders that I’m accomplishing among you.

Pray for the Pastors, pray for the Holy Father, who is in great need of your prayers!

Thank you for responding to My call!


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 4th May 2019

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My dear children, also today I’m inviting you to stand face to face before My Son Jesus and don’t be afraid to live totally the Love that He wants to donate you.

With all His tenderness of Love, He purifies your hearts to make you the witnesses of His Love.

Open your hearts to Him because, without your “Yes”, He can’t operate in you. And you children, who have your hearts wounded, you don’t manage to forgive!

Today, more than ever, I need true Apostles who may testify the wonders, that He’s accomplishing through My coming, and you, dear children, who received this call, I’m inviting you to be the witnesses of what God is accomplishing in you, through the signs that you receive every day.

My son, look how many hearts are here and need to be loved and comforted and you, My son, be the joy and peace that Heaven gives you, because, through you, they may receive that peace and that serenity of Heaven.

My children, pray, pray, pray, pray, in order to have the grace of Joy.

Because, through the Holy Scriptures, that are proclaimed every day, you may learn to live His Word.

Because, through Him, He may change your hearts!

I’m with you and close to you! I raise My eyes to Heaven, so that the Consoler Spirit may guide and bless you.

My children don’t miss the path that God traced for you! I love you and I desire to bring you all to My Son Jesus.

Live for eternity and live for the things of Heaven, all the rest will be donated to you.

Pray for the Pastors and for the Holy Father.

I’m blessing you with My motherly blessing and thanks for responding to My call.


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 6th April 2019

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Dear children, blessed by Heaven, I’m exhorting you to live My Son Jesus’s Word more.

My children, there are many who haven’t put order in their lives yet. I’m saying to you, my children, that I’ve been knocking to your hearts for a long time, so that you can totally open them to Grace.

My children, I’m saying to you, who have known this coming for some time, I wish you to become My Apostles and, through your perseverance, become the living Gospel, so that you may be a gift for those who are far from God’s Word, but if you don’t start from your families to pray, you won’t be able to be Gospel Witnesses.

I’m saying to you that you’ve got the desire of meeting the Peace King: begin to travel the paths that God traced for you! This is why I’m among you, to help you walk the God paths every day, giving you My Messages, so that you, my children, may not feel alone during your way. Because you aren’t alone, I’m beside each one of you, giving you My extended hand, waiting for you to take it.

My Heart rejoices when you pray together. When you pray together, you’re like Angels. I’m asking you, my children, pray, pray, so that, by your prayers, you don’t let yourselves wither!

For this reason, I’m asking you to pray, because, through your Prayer Cenacles, you’re filled with the Holy Spirit and that’s where Grace descends on you, in order to heal your wounds.

I’m saying to you, o chosen to be persevering and don’t be afraid to say your “Yes”! You’ve been called to witness these grace times, even knowing that there will be tribulations and sufferings. Know that My Son was persecuted, and you too will be persecuted because of His Love!

This is why I’m exhorting you to remain united to the Church every day, walking together with the Pastors, helping one another.

Pray, pray, pray! Thank you for having responded to My call.


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 2nd March 2019

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Dear My children, as your Mother I come among you to bring the” Good News “.

My children, it’s a long time since I’ve given you My Messages, so that you can understand and implement them. I come to bring you all that My Son brought by coming to earth as a man: He suffered like you, He suffered like you! Today, more than ever, you need the Consoler and He sends Me, so that you learn to fall in love with His Word.

Live, My children, these times of Grace. At this moment, Grace’ s living in you, you who have been called in this time; you need to change your life! Little children, it’ s necessary to decide in order to be My Apostles, but if you don’t live in His Love and you don’t free yourselves from your sin, God can’t dwell in you! He’ s Mercy, He forgives and tells you: go and don’t sin anymore! I’m saying to you: don’t remain slaves of sin and how many of you justify themselves, saying: God forgives everything!

Lui è misericordia, perdona e ti dice: Va e non peccare più. Dico a voi, non rimanete schiavi del peccato e quanti di voi si giustificano dicendo: Dio tutto perdona.

I’m exhorting you, children, not to fall into the evil one’s hands, because there are many who live as if they’d never known the Word! My children, you’ve been given the Commandments that have been written, so that you can put them into practice.

I’m saying to you that you want to follow in the footsteps of My Son: you must decide to be witnesses of what God does in you!

When I’ d to become a Bride, God didn’t leave Me alone, but I’ d Joseph to accompany Me in this mystery, so unknown to us. We’d to trust this mystery and the Grace was above us, which acted in us.

I’m saying to you: you aren’t alone! You already have the knowledge of all the experience of Jesus’s coming onto earth, which, even today, He lives among you and He’s among you.

You need to listen, you need to understand and live, so you’ll be transformed into a new life.

Don’t bother understanding everything! I’m exhorting you to pray the Holy Spirit so that It act in you and you won’t be disappointed!

I’m with you in these times when, more than ever, they try to take away Hope, but I’m saying to you: blessed are those who donate themselves in silence and, deep in their hearts, contemplate God and not those who say “Lord, Lord”!

Learn everything that comes to you from the Holy Scriptures, where everything’s written. I’m a mother who comforts her children and I come to earth so that, by My coming, you can feel all of My Love.

Only in this way, you’ll feel that you are new creatures, putting all My Messages into practice and you’ll be Witnesses of Truth.

I’ m saying to you, my children: I need you, so that you may be Gospel Witnesses. I’m asking you, my children, to be bearers of souls, through your love, so that the plans, that God has for each of you, can be fulfilled.

Pray, pray, pray, that I may act in you! Thank you for having responded to My call.


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 2nd February 2019

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My children, blessed by the Father, I’m exhorting you to live God’s Word, which is given to you through Me.

Have confidence of welcoming the Peace King into your hearts! I bring you the Word, which is the Word of eternal life and, if you welcome it, you’ll live for eternity.

How many of you’ve tasted His love and His tenderness? I’m saying to you, my children, that you seek peace: don’t leave daily prayer! Without prayer and without listening to God’s Word, you can’t achieve the heart peace! You need to be true Apostles to be the world Light, but if you don’t learn from Him, you can’t be peace bearers!

You, my children, don’t feel discouraged not to be prophets in your families, but be perseverant! As a mother, I carried in My womb the humanity Gift, which was the Light and the Word made flesh. And you, who have the grace of receiving Him in your hearts, I’m exhorting you to guard Him, by making Him grow within you, saying your “Yes”.

Pray, my children, so that the gaze may remain fixed on the Cross and the Comforter Spirit free you from all that leads you away from God!

And you, my children, who have the wish of giving your hearts to God, know that you aren’t alone, even if these times are full of tribulations and trials. For this, I’m exhorting you to help you one another, offering prayers and fasts. I come to this place as a Mother of Consolation.

Dear children, witness My Messages to those who haven’t received this grace yet, so that you may become My Apostles with your Cenacles.

I’m saying to you, my children, who have been called: fall in love ever more with this grace that God’s giving you! And you, who have been following Me for a long time, witness the wonders that God’s doing on you, so that, by your example, you may be Light. Thank you that you answered my call!


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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 5th January 2019

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Dear My children, also today My Son Jesus is sending Me among you, so that you, My children, don’t lose hope.

Today, more than ever, My Son gives Me the grace of staying among you so that, through My coming, I can guide you and show you the path of light that leads you to My Son Jesus.

My children, it’ s been for a long time since I’m among you to open your hearts, so that you, My children, may learn to welcome Him. Only in this way, My children, you’ll be able to find peace in your hearts.

I’m exhorting you, My children, to decide with perseverance to welcome ever more God’s Word, which is given to you every day.

My children, if the desire of welcoming It isn’t born within you, you can’t discover and taste His love and His tenderness. Taste Him, My children, and you’ll see how great His mercy is!

I’m saying to you, My children, who seek and desire peace,: peace can be achieved when there’s a heart full of love within you!

And I, who have long been coming to take Me your hearts, that are full of suffering and pain, don’t be afraid to give them to Me! As a Mother, I come to heal them from every spiritual disease, so that you may be converted and the flame of your hearts may be lit.

Pray, My children, pray, pray so that you become the true Apostles. They’ re many who don’t live an ordered life, as if they’ d never known God’s love.

And you, who know God’s love, I’m exhorting you not to scandalize your children, but return to pray and to fast in your families, so that they can welcome His love. I stare at each of you and touch your hearts. I’m blessing you all.


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My name is Ferrara Raffaele, known as ‘Lello’.
. I was born in Grumo Nevano (NA) on 07/05/1966 and I come from a very large family, made up of 11 brothers; I am the ninth
I was born at 7 months old; when I was 4 years old I couldn’t speak, or rather I couldn’t pronounce words clearly, I couldn’t compose sentences and I couldn’t walk, thus giving obvious management problems to those who looked after me
My parents worked in Frosinone and came home every 15 days or so, depending on what was possible and what was needed, so my older sister was in charge of looking after and managing the family Her duties also included taking me to school, but since I didn’t really want to go, I always found a way to play truant, thus creating serious clashes with my parents due to my obstinacy of not attending school.
Because of my various and well-deserved school failures, my parents, in desperation, decided to take me to Ururi, in the province of Campobasso, to my uncle, my father’s brother, so that I could change my life, be looked after by new people and attend new circles.
But this too was a failure, because it did not produce the desired results; so I went back to Naples and decided to go to work.
As you can understand, my adolescence was quite turbulenta come si può capire, la mia adolescenza fu abbastanza turbolenta.
I was nearly19 years old and engaged, like many of my peers.
I was a Catholic but not a practising Catholic, unlike my aunt, who was very devout and practising and often organised pilgrimages to “Oliveto Citra”, a small mountain village in the province of Salerno, where there were the remains of an abandoned castle, nearby it apparitions of the Virgin Mary took place.
One day, on my way to see my girlfriend, I met my aunt and stopped to talk to her. Between one word and another, she invited me to one of her pilgrimages to Oliveto Citra.
With great amazement at the invitation, I clearly refused, but she was insistent
Then intrigued by this insistence, I promised her that one day I would go, but on the condition that I would neither enter the Church nor pray, also because I did not know any prayers, not even the “Hail Mary”. So my aunt reassured me by telling me that if I didn’t want to, I didn’t have to go into the Church and that I could stay in front of the gate or just wander around the village.
It was the 8th December 1985.On that day, my aunt had organized the pilgrimage to Oliveto Citra and I had to go, as I had promised. I hoped that my girlfriend would come with me, but she didn’t want to know, so I had to go alone, to make my aunt happy.
During the trip, the believers prayed the Holy Rosary inside the bus: and I felt uncomfortable and I was regretted my decision.
When we arrived at the site, there were many people praying and lined up on a flight of steps to get to an old gate that was the entrance to a castle.
I, too, was seized with curiosity and got in line: I wanted to see what there was in front of or behind this gate.
But once I was there, I saw nothing in particular, so I left.
As I was descending the staircase, which ended in the little square in front of the castle, I looked up at the gate and, staring at it, I felt my heart thudding inside me, beating fast, fast.
Amazed by this event, I asked myself what was happening to me, I thought maybe it was the atmosphere of that place, but, in short, I could not give myself an explanation.
Suddenly, as I was looking at the gate, I saw a large white light with the image of a cross inside.
Then this image opened up and I caught a glimpse of the silhouette of a woman with her hands outstretched, in a sign of embrace, then she joined together and with her face looking to the right and left.
I was amazed; I did not realise what was happening to me
I immediately ran away in tears from the place where I was standing. I wanted to stay far from the crowd. I was crying and didn’t want to talk to anyone, but I felt a great peace within me.
At a certain point, I saw my worried aunt coming and asking me what had happened to me, but I didn’t want to tell her what had happened, because I was afraid she would tell people.
But she calmed me down, told me not to worry and that it would remain a secret between us and I told her everything that had happened to me.
I spent the rest of the evening in silence and then we finally went home.
From that moment on, however, the desire to return to that place was great within me
After a few days, I saw my aunt again and I asked her when she would organise another pilgrimage to Oliveto Citra. She replied that another group would be left the following Monday; so I immediately took advantage of this and joined them.
I left for my second pilgrimage and went to the gate, but this time I didn’t see anything special. Inside me there was always a great peace and when I left Oliveto Citra, I promised myself that I would return.
It was 30 January 1986 when I returned to the castle for the third time. There were so many people, as always I lined up to get to the gate and, as I went up the stairs, I tried to pray “Hail Mary, Holy Mary” because I could not recite it in full.
While I was praying and climbing, suddenly, of everything around me, I saw nothing.
There was only a great light, which grew stronger and stronger and opened up; in this light I saw a beautiful woman. I saw her clearly: she was clothed with a heavenly mantle, a golden belt and she was standing on a cloud, with a child in her arms. She said to me:
“Don’t be afraid, I’m the Mother of Heaven! Love youself, love yourself and don’t be afraid, My son! Begin to go to Mass. Pray, pray!”
Then, She bent over my forehead, kissing it, and I fainted
There, in the small square next to the castle, was the headquarters of the “Queen of the Castle” committee, where I was transported for assistance.
When I came to, I was surrounded by the people who had rescued me, who asked me what had happened to me, but I did nothing but ask where the Lady who had kissed my forehead were.
They did not understand what I was referring to, but they could smell a great perfume coming from my forehead, which invaded the whole room.
Among the rescuers and the people who were there to assist me, there was also Father Mario Baraglini and his secretary Anna Ghibellini, who were there in Oliveto Citra as pilgrims. (more…)

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After this episode, when I returned home, my life changed radically and rapidly, without my noticing it. I was enraptured by the beauty that was enveloping me and I was more and more attracted to that spiritual world – unknown to me until then – than to material things; in fact, my friends noticed a great change in me, but I could not explain to them what was happening to me, although I had tried, tempted it several times This change of mine had aroused a lot of curiosity in them; in fact, some of them followed me in this new adventure. Then, one day, while I was praying with my family, Our Lady appeared to me and said: “Don’t be afraid, My son, because today I’m entrusting you to a spiritual Father, by whom you’ll be guided!” and I asked her: “Who’s he?” and she answered: “Father Vincenzo Cuomo”. I replied that I didn’t know him. She reassured me, saying: “Don’t worry, My son! You’ll find him and bring him this message and he’ll understand!”. She gave me a private message for him. So I went to my Parish to ask for information about this Priest. So, thanks for the help of my aunt and some of her parish acquaintances, we managed to track down Father Cuomo, with whom I met at his Parish, which was 20 km far from my house, in the company of my aunt and my mother, who had always been close to me, since the beginning of this adventure of mine. On the way there, I felt a great fear for this meeting, and my aunt, as usual, calmed me down, telling me: “If Our Lady has sent you, you mustn’t be afraid! When we arrived at the place, it was my aunt who first met the priest, telling him that I would have to speak to him; so he wanted to see me in private, leaving my mother and aunt in prayer. Father Cuomo immediately noticed how scared I was and tried to calm me down, inviting me to speak. I said: “Father, I don’t know if you believe me, but I’ve a message for you from Our Lady. He widened his eyes and stared at me in surprise. Then I said: “On the 26th of this month something will happen for which you pray so much.” He put his hand on my shoulder and said: “Take it easy with these things! Remain silent and, from the tree, we’ll recognize its fruits. We’ll then meet again on the 26th.” On the 26th, I returned to him, as he had asked, always accompanied by my mother and aunt. When I entered the church, he joyfully came towards me, took me by the hand and led me to the sacristy, where he said to me: “Today something great has happened: after a long time, there’s been a healing for which I prayed so much. A nun, who hadn’t got out of bed for a long time, came to take the Eucharist with her legs”. Then, he asked me for silence and obedience, to understand where those signs were coming from. Since then, he has been becoming my Spiritual guide. (more…)



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Despite the confidentiality that Father Cuomo had asked of me, the news of what I was experiencing had already leaked out. In fact, one evening in June 1986, while I was walking through the streets of the town, I was stopped by four acquaintances from the town (Salvatore Chiatto, Rosario Cristiano, Rosario Conte, Antonio Del Prete) who asked me for information about what was happening to me. While telling them about my experience, I also expressed the desire to form a Prayer Group, and so it was. We used to meet weekly at my aunt’s house to pray the Holy Rosary and, as time went by, the Group grew more and more, but we found ourselves with considerable space constraints. After about two years, in fact, in an Apparition, Our Lady asked us to go and pray in the house of the Lord. Since my Parish Priest, Father Mimmo De Rosa, already knew my story – because my family and I had become parishioners, who were always present at the various celebrations – I asked him if it would be possible for our Prayer Group to meet there, in my Parish. He gladly accepted this proposal and made himself available for the Spiritual guidance of the Prayer Group and, in time, he also became my Spiritual Guide. (more…)



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One day in 1988, a friend and I went to Oliveto Citra to live one of our moment of prayer. Here we participated in the Holy Mass presided over by a missionary Priest, whose homily I particularly liked; I decided then that I had to meet him, so, at the end of the Mass, I introduced myself and, as if everything was already prearranged, that same evening we met at his house to share our experiences. After some time, he came to my house to celebrate Mass in the presence of my large family, thus creating a stronger friendship between us and making the desire to understand what God wanted from me grow more and more. One day, on my way back to Oliveto Citra, I attended one of the many Masses in the Chapel of this Missionary’s house. There was a passage from the Gospel that said: “Let the dead bury their own dead” that particularly struck me but was not clear to me, so at the end of the Mass I asked him to explain it to me. It was for me the answer to my request and I decided to stay there with him, only asking him to let my family know that I would not be coming home again. It was not easy for my parents to accept this decision of mine! In this house, I lived with other young people and our day was spent in prayer and service to the Parish. The Priest, who was hosting me, wanted me to discern my spiritual life, keeping to the rules of that small community, living my experience with the Virgin Mary in silence, but sharing with all of them the moment of the last prayer of the day in the company of Our Lady. After a few months, this Missionary told us that we had to move to the “Brothers of the Word” Community in Acilia, Rome because he had to meet Mother Theresa. I did not understand who he was talking about, because I had never heard of Her, so this Priest, amazed at my ignorance, told me a little about this Nun and Her works. Before leaving for Rome, I spoke about it to my family, who reacted with great amazement to the news. Well, then I understood the greatness of that woman. The day of departure arrived; I was curious to meet this notorious Nun of whom I had heard so much.

It was 10 October 1988 and, in one of Mother Theresa’s Communities, this meeting took place. For me, it was a very strong impact, full of humility and extreme simplicity, seeing this woman so tiny but full of enthralling love. She blessed us one by one; we prayed together and She gave us a Miraculous Medal. After this meeting, a new way began for me in this Roman Community, where our days were spent in prayer and respect of the community rules. One day, our Missionary Priest decided, with Sister Elvira, to take our home the boys from the “Cenacle”, boys who had had experiences with drugs. Our leader asked us to put ourselves at the service of these young people, respecting the rules of Sr. Elvira’s community. (more…)



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I was continuing my life in the service of this Community in Rome, when our Priest told me to get ready to leave for India. The news did not excite me. I was frightened and, besides, my family and my Spiritual Father did not agree with this decision. The departure was imminent. It was a difficult experience because we had to face the difficulties of being there without a house; in fact, Mother Theresa was so worried about us, because we were too young to live in those realities, She personally arranged for us to find more suitable accommodation. Experiencing the reality of Calcutta, full of misery and poverty, I had a cry in my heart for all that suffering, so, as soon as I had the joy of meeting God’s Mother, I asked Her:”Why don’t You appear here, but appear in Italy?” and She answered with a smile: “My son, if I come to Italy, it’s because you’ve forgotten God and the Word of God. I cannot ask these children to fast, make sacrifices and do penance. It’s you who have lost God and His Word, and I come to renew it for you. In my experience in India, in fact, I could experience that the smile was never missing in those people. After about a year of living in India, I started to feel physically ill: I had shrunk to 39 kg! My situation was getting worse. I had a very high fever and the nuns used to treat me with old-fashioned methods, the only ones available to them. At that moment Mother Theresa, who was very worried about my health, decided to send me back to Italy, accompanying me personally, but recommending not to spread the news of Her arrival in Rome. She gave me a precious gift. She gave me Her Crucifix, making me promise to take care of myself. From Calcutta, Mother Theresa took me to Bombay, informing me that I would stay for a day in a male-house of Her Community. No one there spoke Italian, and I was so afraid that Mother Theresa would forget me there, perhaps because She was busy. My fear was so evident that the people, who were there, realized I was frightened and tried, in vain, to calm me down. On the wall of my room, I noticed the image of Our Lady and spent the whole night kneeling at Her feet, asking Her that Mother Theresa would not forget me the next day. In fact, it was a great joy for me to see Her again the next morning. During the flight, I still had a fever and She had a blanket with which She covered Herself. At one point, She touched my forehead to check my temperature, after which She covered me with Her blanket, which I still jealously guard today. It was a long but unforgettable journey. Despite my state of health, it was a great gift for me to fly with Mother Theresa She was like a mother to me, caring and loving. When we arrived at the airport, Mother Theresa noticed many people waiting and asked me why there were so many people waiting for us. I replied: “Mother, it’s only my mother and some of the family!” Mother Theresa wanted to meet my mother personally, hugged her, and blessed her for the gift of a large family She gave each of us a Miraculous Medal. She blessed us and left

I went home to my mother to recover, but, as soon as I recovered, I returned to the Community in Acilia, much to the disappointment of my family. They hoped that I had returned to them forever. When I returned to the Community, I lived my days as I had done in the beginning, just as if I had never left. The time, needed to finish the work on the structure that was to receive us in Calcutta, passed. Our Missionary Priest, who had stayed there in the meantime, sent me a letter asking me to return to Calcutta with Sister Elvira and her boys, and I did. I took with me a dear friend, Franco De Santis. This departure was more serene and joyful for me than the previous one, because I knew what awaited me. I was not alone: my friend, Sister Elvira with her boys, and Mirka, the sister of the Medjugorje visionary Marija Pavlovic, were with me. The arrival in Calcutta was very eventful because, with Sister Elvira and Mother Theresa, we were always going around looking for a structure to open for Sister Elvira’s community in Calcutta. Now I don’t remember the exact dates, but I remember a moment that marked my life forever. It was December 1990. A group of young men and I, after a period of formation, had to take our vows to the “Brothers of the Word”. However, I had a moment of fear, because I did not understand whether this was really my call or whether I was simply caught up in the joy and the moment. was convinced that I wanted to love God above all else. I was aware that I had to say my “YES” to Him, but I wasn’t completely ready for this step; I didn’t feel worthy and I spoke about it with the priest in charge, who suggested talking about it with Mother Teresa. So I did. Despite many difficulties, since I did not speak English, I managed to get Mother Teresa to understand me, and she, with much love and simplicity, reassured me by telling me: “You don’t have to worry! It can be seen that you have not yet found the branch to lean on. When you find it, you will stop. In any case, you will make a Consecration that will last, as long as you are here with us in Calcutta”. So it was. A few days after my brothers’ Consecration on the way, I also made my promise.

It was 25 December 1990. I had a religious service to myself and another boy What an emotion! An unforgettable moment! As soon as I entered the little Chapel of the Motherhouse, there was a great sign for me: a big star with Our Lady inside, the same as the one in Oliveto Citra. This was a great confirmation for me! Today, I jealously guard with great joy a video documenting this magnificent experience, a video that was authorised to me by Mother Theresa Herself. After my consecration, I continued my life in Calcutta in close contact with Mother Theresa, working in Her houses, bringing help and support to the neediest brothers and sisters. (more…)



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After a long period in Calcutta, I had to return to Italy because I fell ill again. After I recovered my health, I returned to the Community in Acilia. After a while, I don’t know why the union that had been created between Sister Elvira’s Community and that of the “Brothers of the Word” dissolved. I returned to Naples and conferred with my Spiritual Father who, as usual, was close to me and helped me to clarify my way. I spent days and days in prayer and the desire to start again arose in my heart since I had so many wonders inside me that the Lord had given me and I could not keep them to myself; so I asked my Spiritual Father to put his house in Grumo Nevano at my disposal. After several insistences, he granted it to me and so I found my peace and my home. Antonio, currently my brother-in-law, and I lived here, and our day consisted of prayer, evangelizing, and listening to the needy. A great friend of ours, Esterina, Giuseppe, and Maria Pia helped us on a daily basis, but Maria Pia lived in Bari, so her presence was sporadic, although very valuable. We spent a lot of time in this house, and our reality had spread. Under our Spiritual Father’s and Our Lady’s guidance, we lived in silence and prayer with the young people in our Group. Our house took the name “Mary’s School”, precisely because, on a daily basis, She instructed us and guided us and supported us in difficult moments, because there were so many of them and so many falls and failures.

As the number of brothers increased more and more and the house was too small for all of them, we decided to open a small workshop for religious articles in order to earn some money and then move to a larger house. The nuns from the Sanctuary of Pompeii came to teach us how to make some small items, such as rosaries and small paintings. In order to raise more money, we thought of asking for financial help from our acquaintances, but, during an apparition, Our Lady told us that we should not ask for anything, but only entrust ourselves to Her Son Jesus, and so we did. We always prayed to the Holy Providence to help us. Then one evening, we were at Esterina’s house and there was an apparition in which Jesus, firmly and decisively, said to me: “My son, the hour has come for what you’ve been seeking. Don’t worry! Very soon, keys will be given to you. Trust in Me and in My Mother!” And so we did, we prayed, waited, and trusted. (more…)

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