Message for humanity given by Our Lady to Raffaele Ferrara, 1st May 2021

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“Dear children, also today, My Son is giving Me the grace to descend among you and to donate you His messages.

How many of you thirst for love, thirst for peace! I’m saying to you: My children, return to God, so that He may donate you that peace which the world doesn’t give you and which you haven’t felt for some time.

. Yes, I’m your Mother and I’m presenting Myself to you as the “Mother of Tenderness”. You, My Pilgrim children, who invoke Me as “Pilgrims’ Mother”, I wish to donate Myself to you, so that you may become Beacon of Love and Apostles of God. Pray, My children, so that, through prayer, you may taste His love more and more. I wish to accompany you on the path which God prepared for each of you. I’m with you and beside those who invoke God’s love

My little children, I’m thanking you that, in this time of bewilderment and darkness, you’re perseverant in prayer Pray so that the devil, like a roaring lion, doesn’t devour souls and destroy everything he finds.

I’m saying to you, My children: the Holy Mass and the Sacraments are the most powerful weapon to fight satan My children, love of My love, pray so that the evil, which is ravaging the world, putting each of you to the test, may cease.

My Heart is also sad, seeing so many of My children who are lost, but I’m telling you not to lose hope, because God cares for each of you and for all those who are leaving this world.

Pray, pray, pray, so that God’s plans may come true!

Thank you for having responded to My call.


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