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The Virgin Mary appeared and said to me: “Dear children, My Son’s love is infinite for you. The days are short and I can no longer bear the chastisements that overtake the world. Help Me to pray, be light for the young people who are without God!
Pray much to avoid the chastisements, that’s why My Son came among you to bring Peace and Love, but many don’t accept this pace. Accept your cross with love and carry it in your heart like Jesus’ Cross. Don’t stand still, but walk in the Lord’s Love and be Peace bearers. Pray. My Son loves you so much. Pray not to fall into temptation, because Satan is in your midst to destroy you and, when you pray, he makes you distracted and think of many bad things, but be strong because he’s terrible. Know that My Son Jesus is near to each of you. Pray, pray, pray! Jesus loves you so much!”

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