The Exceptional Apparition and the Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, on Wednesday, 21st June 2017

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The visionary tells: In the last Spiritual Retreat that was held with our Prayer Group: “Mary’s Pilgrims” in Loreto (An) on the days 17th and 18th June 2017, during my prayer, I asked the Virgin Mary whether She might be happy about these meetings, about our “Faith way” and, as always, She didn’t disappoint me! In fact, this morning I’ve gone up to the Chapel and Our Lady was already there and She was waiting for me. She said to me: “Praise be to Jesus Christ!” And I replied:” May He be praised, today and forever !” Then She continued, on saying:

“My Son, thank you for your “Yes”! My Son’s a plan on each of you; You’ve to decide to live and enjoy this grace that God gives you for free. My Son’s seed was already in you, now it’s time to sprout and it’s harvest time. You, My children, who know My paths well, I’m asking you, My Apostles, to help Me to get this coming of Mine in your midst to know. My Son sends Me, so that you may know that God exists, that’s why I come, because many of My children have forgotten that God exists and they want to create a world without God. My Apostles, I could call each one of you with his/her own name to console and nurture you with all My love. Thank you, My children, for the love that you’ve towards the others. As a mother, I want you to be united so that, through you, the others, who don’t know God, can see the beauties and the wonders that God works in your life. How many still have to decide for their “Yes”, but God’s full of Mercy and full of Goodness! Be always charitable and merciful, one another! Jesus’s Apostles were 12 and now you’ve started to say your “Yes”; be Light for those who have no Light! I want to help you by walking with you. You don’t understand all this now, but, if you walk along the ways that God’s already drawn in your hearts, you, My Apostles, you’ll have the Light in order to understand all the mystery that, in this moment, you can’t understand. In your mother’s bosom, My Son already knew of you; many don’t understand yet why God may have chosen them. I’ve chosen you because My Son’s liked so. My children, I hold you by the hand, it’s time to testify, it’s time of saying your “Yes”. Old things are past, get renewed of its beauty; you too, fix your eyes on this grace which God’s entrusting to you. It’s an invitation that God’s offering in your hands, accept it, little children, and more you’ll fall in love with the grace which God’s granted you. Your hearts don’t belong to yourselves any more, but it will be My Son to live in you and, together with Me, you’ll be witnesses of His Mercy. Lord wants to grant you great things; in order to accomplish this grace of His, God uses you; let yourselves be seduced and loved by this grace. For a long time, God had already written this project in your hearts. You’re the pupils of My eyes; I’ve fixed My gaze upon you and I’ve touched your hearts. This is the time, it’s the time that God’s talking to you. The more you fix your eyes on Me, the more goodness acts in you; the more you’ll be with My Son Jesus, the more the enemy can’t act on you. I’m blessing you with My Motherly Love. Thank you for having responded to My Call.” (more…)

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The Message from Virgin Mary donated to all humanity through the visionary Raffaele Ferrara, 3rd June 2017

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“My dear little children, even today My Son’s giving you the grace of making Myself stood among you. Little children, from the Cross My Son’s given Me to you, and since then I’ve been welcoming you all in My motherly heart. My Children, if you want to become My Son’s Apostles, you must decide to follow the footsteps that He’s tracing for each of you. You can’t say that you’re Apostles when Grace and Mercy don’t abound in you. It takes a pure heart, ready to love! Only with love you’ll fall in love with My Son more and more. They aren’t necessary so many words in order to love, it’s necessary to act and to be always refugee under His voice, without losing His glance. My little children, I wish to help each of you, but, if you don’t donate Me your hearts, I can’t intercede. My Son leaves each of you the choice of pursuing the narrow road or the wide road. My Apostles, nowadays you can’t understand these grace times because you’re very much taken by this world and you don’t notice any more, where good be and where evil be. My little children, take shelter in your Bridegroom’s arms to be radiant! I come to the earth to welcome the souls who are in disarray, who don’t find peace in their hearts any more and who don’t find the path any more. Return to Him by saying your “Yes”, freeing yourselves from the sin that lives in you and that makes you slaves. I’m exhorting you to make your peace with My Son Jesus, so that Grace may abound in you, by praying constantly without ever getting tired so you’ll be able to find Peace. Only He’s the Saviour; My Son sends Me among you as a Mediatress of His Word. As a mother consoles her children, so I come to console each one of you. Pray, pray, pray so that you may be sentinels and light for those who don’t know My Love. Pray for the Shepherds so that, with their blessed hands, they can help you to walk a holiness path. I’m urging you to live My Messages, which I give you. I’m blessing you all.” (more…)

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