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Raffaele: Around midnight, while I was in prayer, Our Lady appeared to me. The Virgin Mary said to me: “Take three long breaths and give Me your hand”.

Raffaele: I found myself in a horrible place I could hear inhuman screams. It was like a long precipice. You could see a very red light., and She said to me: “This is where My poor sinful children go”.

After a little while, She took me to a place similar to a hill, very dark, with many people praying incessantly. I asked where we were. The Virgin Mary said: “This is the place where they serve their sentence, praying and waiting for prayers”.

At a certain point, my eyes saw wonderful things. It was a stupendous place, full of flowers with colours that don’t exist on this earth. An immense light blinded my eyes and I’ll never be able to describe that marvellous light from which all of a sudden I saw Christ’s image.”

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